What's the right haircut and shave styles that is right for you. Finding the right barber is as important as finding the right haircut. But let's talk about the right haircut for now. Below are images of the most popular haircuts. The shape of your face and your head needs to match the hairstyle in order for you to look really good.

We at Probarbershop have the experience to match the hairstyle to the shape of your face.
So what happens when you go into the barbershop? Our barbers will normally ask you the hairstyle you want. If you are not sure, try bringing a picture. Giving a lot of instructions to your barber may confuse your barber. So make sure your barber truly understands what you want. Show him a picture of the hairstyle you want normally helps. Print the picture if your need to. Double click the image to enlarge it.
Still not sure of what hairstyle you want? Leave it up to us. We'll be asking you questions on how much hair you want to be removed and we'll make subtle changes to make sure your face and head all fit with the hairstyle you are wearing.

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Pro Barber Shop has been in the haircut and hair care business since 1997. We specialize on quality men-style haircuts and we serve both male and female of all ages.

We are one of the few barbershops in New York who offer home services and we are continuously innovating our products to provide you with the best service a Manhattan barbershop could offer.

So, the next time you drop by our neighborhood at the East Side of New York, just look for us on-line. You can rely on us to cut your hair, the right way.
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